Meet the MKDC Staff: Aisley, Counsellor

Aisley is this summer's comeback kid! She was actually selected for our staff team two years ago, but had to withdraw before the summer started due to a serious injury. We're so happy she reapplied, and is getting another chance! Aisley is completing the Social Service Worker program at Algonquin College, and has experience with both […] Read More

Meet The Staff: Emma, Programmer

I seem to have a disproportionate number of photos of this lady at camp, but it's so easy to do when she's always surrounded by smiling campers! Emma is a third year MKDC veteran and also holds the prestigious title of Beadmaster (we should really get her a hat). She's our go-to programmer for anything […] Read More

Meet the MKDC Staff: Ron, Program Director

When you ask our returning campers whose programs are their favourite, more often than not the answer is, "Ron's!" No one has more of a passion for original programming than this guy. From colour wars that resemble a real-life video game to completely original water sports, Ron is known for hardly ever doing the same […] Read More

6 reasons your pre-teen daughter needs camp

As teenage anxiety and depression becomes more and more prevalent, movements like "A Mighty Girl" and Amy Poehler's "Smart Girls" are working to emphasize the importance of raising strong, independent young women. The most important thing a girl can wear is her confidence. But where does that confidence come from? Somewhere in the "middle school" years […] Read More

Boating comes to MKDC!

MKDC is thrilled to announce that Corcl boats are the newest addition to our program for summer 2017! These little beauties are safe, easy to transport, and will teach a slew of basic boating skills - not to mention letting our campers cool off in the lake! Want to see them in action? Check out […] Read More

5 Reasons NOT To Send Your Child To Maple Key

We love what we do and feel that we have a lot to offer the future leaders of Lanark County. But just like any program we have certain values, and in order for you and your child to get the most out of the experience, these values should correspond with yours. Here are a few […] Read More

2017 Special Guests

[…] Read More

What’s New in 2017

Camp Overnights - camp out under the stars with us! Puppetry Major - the perfect blend of fine art and performance art, taught by a professional "Live From Camp" New Media Major - be the face/voice of camp Steampunk Major - science and fine art collide! Corcl Boats - it's like kayaking, only cooler Music Mondays - instruction from a specialist, […] Read More

Every Monday is Music Monday – All Summer Long!

I am thrilled to announce we are bringing another dimension of music to our program this summer. Faith Hutton will be joining us every Monday to provide a variety of exciting music instruction and activities for each cabin group. As some of you may know, music education is a subject very dear to my heart and it […] Read More


*New for 2017* Inspired by the TV Show of the same name, our Mythbusters major takes a scientific look at some myths and urban legends and conducts experiments to test them. That's just the tip o' the iceberg! Read about the rest of our majors here […] Read More