*New for 2017* Inspired by the TV Show of the same name, our Mythbusters major takes a scientific look at some myths and urban legends and conducts experiments to test them. That's just the tip o' the iceberg! Read about the rest of our majors here […] Read More

All-Star Sports (Week 7: Aug 14 – 18)

*New for 2017* All-Star Sports is a major for sporty kids who want to up their game, regardless of which sport is their specialty. All-Stars will learn about the importance of nutrition (and how to make some snacks that are both yummy and healthy), how to plan a safe and effective work-out routine, injury prevention, strategies […] Read More

Critters & Compost (Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4)

*New for 2017*In Critters and Compost, campers will explore the basics of horticulture as well as livestock care, and experience first-hand the important role that agriculture plays in our community. C&C majors will spend time in our new greenhouse, and learn to care for some special visitors from a local farm. start & transplant seedlings harvest […] Read More

Is that a sport?

We're all familiar with team sports like soccer and basketball, and individual sports like track or tennis. But what about one's you've never heard of? This week might start with you scratching your head, but you'll be thrilled to discover that you are a champion at cheese rolling, egg throwing, or toe wrestling. This week we'll try […] Read More

Camp has changed my kids lives (and they’re not even campers yet)

I have understood the power that camp has to change your life ever since I worked at Walden back when I was in university. Ask me to tell you stories about transformations I've seen in MKDC campers and I'll tear up every time. But what I never expected is to experience so vividly this affect on […] Read More

Knights of the Round Maple

*New for 2017* In this LARP-ish major, campers will develop "knightly virtues" as well as their creativity as they join a "house" of knights and prepare to defend their castle. Construct and design your own suit of armour. Work independently or collaborate with your team. Spikes, fins, scales, plates, helmets, gauntlets, shields limited only by your […] Read More

Live from Camp: New Media Major

*New for 2017* Campers will fully embrace new media in this exciting major! Your child will learn the process for creating both audio and video broadcasts for the web from start to finish. Campers will work as a team to produce an episode each day of the week, using technology as a tool rather than […] Read More

Trackers & Treehuggers Major (Week 4: July 24 – 28)

The Trackers & Treehuggers major is designed to help campers spend some quality time with their Mother Earth. Trackers & Treehuggers majors will... Learn to identify different native plants identify tracks and scat of different local animals create nature-inspired works of art plant their own tree and/or other local plant That's just the tip o' […] Read More

Selfie Contest: #summerupgradeloading

Just by registering at Maple Key you are setting your child's summer up for an awesome upgrade. But do you want to make it even better? It's easy as pie! Just take a photo of your happy camper in our selfie poster that you'll receive in the mail, use the hashtag #summerupgradeloading and tag our […] Read More

Wood & Ashes (Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4)

*New for 2017* The Wood & Ashes major is a new riff on last year's woodworking program. Under the guidance of an experienced staff member, Wood & Ashes majors will use a variety of hand tools (and sometimes get help with power tools) to create a wood-based project, and then learn to use a wood-burning […] Read More