An advent calendar that’s full of memories, not sugar

That “chocolate” that comes in store-bought advent calendars is just awful. I love the tradition… but not the taste. So several years ago, I bought my own reusable advent calendar with wooden compartments for each day in December so that I could put my own chocolate treats in it. Yay for good chocolate! Unfortunately, after […] Read More

A Christmas gift to make with your kids that you can personalize for anyone

Bami Ballen: European Surprise Ball Are you looking for a project you can do with your child that can be given as a gift? Try a bami ballen! Bami ballen are easy and fun to make, can be personalized super easily, and, depending on what you put inside, can be made very inexpensively as well. […] Read More

How To Make A Reindeer Food Buffet

A Reindeer Food Buffet is a great way to make a custom mix that you can leave out for Santa’s crew! It’s a fun activity to do in the lead-up to Christmas and adds some extra magic to your Christmas Eve traditions. Here’s now MKDC does it: Step 1: Assemble your ingredients Magic Reindeer are […] Read More

Happy Halloween – Here’s a treat for you!

Happy Halloween to all our favourite ghouls and goblins! Do the two trick or treaters remind you of anybody? Click on the colouring book page below for a printable PDF version and have fun Wishing all of our camp families, past and present, a fun and safe Halloween! Kristen P.S. We’d love to see your […] Read More

Halloween 2017 Round-Up: Stuff to do with the family in & near Lanark County

Happy Friday the 13th! Here’s what’s coming up in our area for Halloween: Candlelit Ghost Walks by Heritage House Museum ($) Thursday nights in October Haunted House @ Heritage House Museum ($) Last two weeks in October GROSSOLOGY 101 by The Mercantile & Cafe Whim ($) Friday Oct 13th, 4pm Pumpkin Party with Smiths Falls […] Read More

Thanksgiving Round-Up: Stuff to do with the family in & near Lanark County

Need to keep those kids busy with the extra day off school? Got family visiting from out of town? Here’s a family-friendly list of what’s going on this Thanksgiving weekend: Perth Studio Tour (free) Crown & Pumpkin Tour (free) Middleville Museum Closing Weekend ($) Pick Your Own Pumpkins @ Millers Bay Farm ($) Apple Picking […] Read More

Week 2 in Review

What a week full of surprises! Our Heartwood campers chose between MishMash Arts and Zombie Apocalypse Survival this week. While our MishMash campers created a canvas art piece as well as wooden art houses, our Zombie campers played a new game Ron created called “Blackout” and learned to do their own zombie makeup – complete […] Read More

Week 1 in Review

It’s the same every year: the countdown to camp always seems to take so long, and then all of a sudden the first week has already flown by. I am always proud of the quality of our staff but this year in particular they are just hitting it out of the park. I hear staff […] Read More

Meet the MKDC Staff: Rachel, Counsellor

Rachel was our very first interview of the season as well as our very first hire. (How can you not hire someone who brings you homemade salsa as their creative project?) Despite being one of our youngest staff members, Rachel is already very accomplished. She has her Junior Black Belt in Karate and has volunteered […] Read More

Meet The Staff: Emma, Programmer

I seem to have a disproportionate number of photos of this lady at camp, but it’s so easy to do when she’s always surrounded by smiling campers! Emma is a third year MKDC veteran and also holds the prestigious title of Beadmaster (we should really get her a hat). She’s our go-to programmer for anything […] Read More