Boating comes to MKDC!

MKDC is thrilled to announce that Corcl boats are the newest addition to our program for summer 2017! These little beauties are safe, easy to transport, and will teach a slew of basic boating skills - not to mention letting our campers cool off in the lake! Want to see them in action? Check out […] Read More

5 Reasons NOT To Send Your Child To Maple Key

We obviously love what we do and feel that we have a lot to offer the future leaders of Lanark County. But just like any program we have certain values, and in order for you and your child to get the most out of the experience, these values need to correspond with yours. So here […] Read More

2017 Special Guests

[…] Read More

What’s New in 2017

Camp Overnights Puppetry Major "Live From Camp" New Media Major Steampunk Major Corcl Boats Music Mondays […] Read More

Every Monday is Music Monday – All Summer Long!

I am thrilled to announce we are bringing another dimension of music to our program this summer. Faith Hutton will be joining us every Monday to provide a variety of exciting music instruction and activities for each cabin group. As some of you may know, music education is a subject very dear to my heart and it […] Read More


*New for 2017* Inspired by the TV Show of the same name, our Mythbusters major takes a scientific look at some myths and urban legends and conducts experiments to test them. That's just the tip o' the iceberg! Read about the rest of our majors here […] Read More

All-Star Sports (Week 7: Aug 14 – 18)

*New for 2017* All-Star Sports is a major for sporty kids who want to up their game, regardless of which sport is their specialty. All-Stars will learn about the importance of nutrition (and how to make some snacks that are both yummy and healthy), how to plan a safe and effective work-out routine, injury prevention, strategies […] Read More

Critters & Compost (Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4)

*New for 2017*In Critters and Compost, campers will explore the basics of horticulture as well as livestock care, and experience first-hand the important role that agriculture plays in our community. C&C majors will spend time in our new greenhouse, and learn to care for some special visitors from a local farm. start & transplant seedlings harvest […] Read More

Is that a sport?

We're all familiar with team sports like soccer and basketball, and individual sports like track or tennis. But what about one's you've never heard of? This week might start with you scratching your head, but you'll be thrilled to discover that you are a champion at cheese rolling, egg throwing, or toe wrestling. This week we'll try […] Read More

Camp has changed my kids lives (and they’re not even campers yet)

I have understood the power that camp has to change your life ever since I worked at Walden back when I was in university. Ask me to tell you stories about transformations I've seen in MKDC campers and I'll tear up every time. But what I never expected is to experience so vividly this affect on […] Read More