Haunted Woods 2021

Have you ever wondered how your favourite summer camp programmers would do Halloween? It’s time to find out!

MKDC dreamed of running a Halloween event for years. The pandemic gave us the perfect excuse, and we ran our first event in 2020. Due to overwhelming positive feedback, we’re doing it again!

Treat your family to a safe alternative (or addition) to door to door trick or treating. Join us for a haunted walk, followed by a trip through the haunted house and a candy treat bag for all the kiddos.

  • This is a ticketed event, with families booking a specific time. Times will be staggered for a completely safe experience.
  • Face masks are required while on site. Hand sanitizer will be provided on arrival.
  • All paths have clearly marked one-way directions.
  • Pets are not permitted on the haunted walk.
  • While there will be some “characters” populating the woods, this is a “no touch” event and a minimum distance of 2 m will always be maintained.
  • MKDC is a family oriented business that promotes positive interactions – even when we’re trying to scare you! We will always respect your personal space. Taunting or rudeness towards our actors is not acceptable.

Haunted Woods Pricing

For the Haunted Woods, you pay to book a timeslot, not by the individual ticket.

“Too Cute To Spook” (2-5 pm)
– $20 for a group of 4
– $35 for a group of 8.

“Creep It Real” (6-9 pm)
– $30 for a group of 4
– $45 for a group of 8.

How scary will it be?

This is a little bit tricky to answer as unfortunately there is no official scariness scale, and every kid is different in their tolerance level. We’ve provided some suggested ages here but the final decision is yours as a parent – we won’t be checking birth certificates. 😉

“Too Cute To Spook” (2-5pm) – Due to the very nature of daylight, the daylight slots will be the least scary. Definitely spooky, but should be fine for kiddos aged 3 and up.

Early “Creep It Real” Slots (6-7:30) – We’ll keep this time frame a little tamer for our kiddos that want a good scare but still want to sleep at night. Suggested age 7+

Late-Night “Creep It Real” (7:30 – 9:00 pm) – This is where we crank it up so the older kiddos hopefully won’t think we’re lame. Suggested age 9+* Generally speaking, we’re aiming for spooky, not overly gross. The haunted workshop is the scariest part, and families do have the option of skipping it if they wish.