A magical place needs magical people

Do you love kids, the outdoors, and being active? Do you have hobbies and skills that you would love to share with others? Are you looking for a summer job that you can actually get excited about?

Working at MKDC is way more than just a summer job

The skills you’ll learn working at camp will make you a more valuable employee in any field.

Today’s kids must face many more pressures than their parents did when they were young. Technology, social media, bullying, and academic pressure leave kids feeling stressed out, insecure, and lacking a sense of purpose.

At MKDC, we are creating a safe place where we can nurture the whole child. We build a strong community where campers can develop creativity, confidence, and a sense of adventure.

When kids feel they have an important role in a positive community, they will have the confidence they need to successfully navigate their world and become happier, productive adults.

With your help, we can accomplish this important goal.

Do you love children, campfires and wearing flannel?
Do you enjoy working on a team and being creative?

Staff have the opportunity to share their own hobbies and talents with campers.

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Attention Parents: In the spirit of leadership and professionalism, we ask that you please do not contact us on behalf of your young adult. We are looking for responsible applicants who can take the initiative to apply for their own job and so we will communicate with those applicants directly. Guardians are encouraged to empower their young applicants to demonstrate the traits of independence and confidence – the same skills they will need while working at camp.
Please pass on this web address so your fabulous candidate can take it from here – and thanks so much for raising such fantastic young people!

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