2024 Camp Calendar

Camp Wide Events

Camp Auction: An annual favourite! Campers complete games and tasks to earn tickets – and then use those tickets to bid on a variety of special activities.
Carnival: Carnival has been our last-day tradition for many years. Campers play carnival games to win prizes and treats.

Themed Tuesdays

Tuesdays are dress-up days! (or sometimes Thursdays)

Fire & Bead Ceremony Friday

The bead program is an important part of the Friday Campfire tradition at MKDC. Every Friday we hold a closing campfire, the bead ceremony is used to recognize campers for all kinds of different positive behaviours, actions, and skills (among other things). Staff determines ahead of time the campers/beads they wish to give out and then writes a “bead card” explaining why the camper earned the bead.

Heartwood Weekly Majors

Our Heartwood Program (Age 9 and up) is full of imaginative programming that sparks creativity and provides lots of opportunities for choice, which means campers go home with more confidence in themselves and their abilities. Read more about individual Majors here.

Younger campers will get a taste of the majors, too – Sprouts & Shoots have the themes included into their regularly scheduled activity periods, while Saplings will experience a specialty period in each theme.

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