Yurt Research, Part 2

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Ron and I took another day trip on Saturday to visit another yurt company. What we really liked about Yurta is that we had the opportunity to meet directly with the owner (who is also the chief builder) rather than a company representative. We also liked Yurta’s focus on all natural materials – no vinyl smell inside this baby! And because Yurta yurts are built locally, they are specifically designed and tested to withstand our Eastern Ontario climate. (The fact that we wouldn’t have to pay any shipping charges doesn’t hurt either.)

The Yurta is very tent-like in some respects but not in others – for example, because of the reflective covering on the outside of the felt insulation and the operable dome skylight at the top, the Yurta can actually be kept quite cool, especially if built in the shade. The windows can be taken down to their screens allowing for further airflow, but you can also put up the awnings to keep out more of the sun. It’s amazing how much light is inside, even on an overcast day – they are very bright.

Plans are for two 21′ diameter Yurta yurts, which would allow us to have a separate meeting spaces for our Lower (Sprouts & Shoots) and Upper (Heartwood & LIT) campers.

Don’t know what this is all about? Read about our plans for a new facility in 2015.

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