Re-Introducing… Emmet! (76 Days ‘Til Camp)


Emmet at work

2014 Camp Role:

Number of years at MKDC:
2014 will be Summer #3!

Key Qualifications:
Child & Youth Worker (1st year) & Early Childhood Education (1st year)
Previously a counselor at Artmakers Day Camp

What is your favorite camp activity?
Making up new camp activities!

What is your greatest fear?
Losing friendships.

What is your funniest habit?
As my campers know, I tend to sing instructions, particularly when I get the feeling campers aren’t paying attention. Hey, it works!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
It bums me out that there seems to be so little overlap between fair trade candy and fun candy. I love me some hoity toity chocolate bars with fancy ingredients, but I definitely succumb to the fun side (poprocks! stuff that makes your tongue blue! gummy everything!) more often than I care to admit.

What you are most excited about for summer 2014?
New majors! Old majors! New campers! Old campers! New staff! Old staff! New jokes! Old jokes! New beads! New songs! Old songs! New verses to old songs! Old verses to new songs? COLOUR WARRRRRS!!! (Okay, that was more than a few and they were sentence fragments, but that is how I feel.)

What is the best Maple Key tradition?
It’s a new-ish one, but I really love Friday “campfires”, with the singing and the bead ceremony and the cardboard fire. It sends us into the weekend on such a cozy note, and gives us a chance to recognize and appreciate all the cool stuff we made happen for each other over the week. Camp is a little mini universe we all create together, and campfire is when we get to take a breath between whirlwinds and feel how magical and great and special it is. (Hi, I’m the counsellor who ALWAYS CRIES, can you tell?)

What is your favorite camp memory?
The crackling energy of “oh my galoshes this is great this is going so great this is actually possibly the best day ever” when, in spite of all that could have put a damper on it (chilly weather, bidding confusion, the march of time), Camp Auction 2013 suddenly transformed into this inexplicably, transcendently whimsical experience, a chaotically glorious parade of joy. Really felt like the stars aligned in this very precarious and therefore perfect way that day. (No pressure, Camp Auction 2014.)

Something else you may not know…
Emmet is a budding author in the young adult fiction genre.

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