You Know You're A Camp Person If…

Here’s a little gift for my returning staff, as well as past and present MKDC campers… can you think of any more? Comment below to add your own!

You Know You’re A Camp Person If…

  • Everything you own has your initials on it.
  • Most of your stories start with “and then there was this time at camp….”
  • Sharpies, pens and duct tape are worth more than gold.
  • You can make up a song/cheer about anything.
  • For Staff: You feel naked without a Walkie-Talkie strapped to your body.
  • You have started a collection of outfits for possible colour war themes.
  • Your year only has two seasons – Summer and Non-Summer.
  • You know how to whip up your own playdough… in case of emergency!
  • Everyone in your family wears jewelry that you made at camp
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