Introducing Our Head Counselor… Courtenay!

It is always exciting this time of year, as I receive confirmations from our returning staff and begin putting together our staff for the coming summer. Here is the first of our Camp Staff 2010 bios!

Courtenay, our Head Counselor

Courtenay is a self-proclaimed camp “lifer” who previously worked at Grippen Lake Camp and Camp Iawha before joining the Maple Key staff in 2009 as our Sprouts Sr. Counselor. In addition to her considerable camp experience, she is also an elementary teacher and brings a wealth of new ideas and energy to everything she does.

As 2010 Head Counselor, Courtenay will have a leadership role among the staff and will help plan special events. She will continue to work with a group of campers (age group yet to be determined) but will also spend some of her time leading training sessions for LITs and providing ideas and support to other counselors. When you arrive at camp to drop off or pick up your child, Courtenay will be the staff member there to greet you.

Welcome back, Courtenay!

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