Week 2 in Review

What a week full of surprises!

Our Heartwood campers chose between MishMash Arts and Zombie Apocalypse Survival this week. While our MishMash campers created a canvas art piece as well as wooden art houses, our Zombie campers played a new game Ron created called “Blackout” and learned to do their own zombie makeup – complete with 3D wounds!

On Wednesday, the whole camp was on high alert when we arrived to find posters all around camp warning us about possible big-foot sightings. After campers got their bigfoot hunting licenses, they were off on a hunt! We did meet a strange creature, but then we remembered that it’s always best to leave wild animals alone, so we pointed him in the direction of the forest and waved goodbye.

Friday was our first Colour War of the summer, and we confused everyone by having our first ever theme fake-out. Everyone thought it was a mad science theme, but it turned out that there was an accident in the laboratory, and the campers had to become superheroes in order to take down the supervillain that we accidently created. Despite some soggy weather, we were able to finish our superhero training, create the antidote, and turn the supervillain back into a regular scientist before any damage was done. (Congratulations, green team!)


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