Week 1 in Review

It’s the same every year: the countdown to camp always seems to take so long, and then all of a sudden the first week has already flown by.

I am always proud of the quality of our staff but this year in particular they are just hitting it out of the park. I hear staff on the walkie asking “does anyone need help with anything?” I see staff staying after work on their own time to create special props for an epic all-camp event. I’ve given feedback to programmers who have asked how they can improve their activity planning, and I’ve watched a counsellor lunge out into the lake fully clothed (including shoes) to retrieve a camper who started to cry during boating. These people really care about your kids and are challenging themselves everyday to provide the best possible camp experience.

This week we got every age group out on the lake, had an epic game of Quiddich, played gaga, learned to start a fire, created a new sport, made stuffed peppers and cinnamon buns, had a crazy rubber-duck filled bubble bath, learned chords on the ukulele, played freeze dance yoga, kicked Ron’s butt in something called “Slam Ball”, did some old-timey games and crafts in honour of Canada’s 150th (real hand-dipped candles!) and so much more. Just check out these photos of your amazing campers in action:

“I love Maple Key because I know that my kids are genuinely understood, cared for and appreciated for who they are. Your staff takes the time to build relationships with my kids, which means my kids are more likely to take risks by trying new things and to laugh at themselves if something goes wrong. When I drop them off, the kids run off forgetting to say goodbye; when I pick them up, I am greeted by enormous smiles. What more could a parent ask for?” – Michelle B.


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