Zombie Apocalypse Survival (Week 2: July 10-14)

*NEW for 2017* Would you be able to survive?

Current popular culture is obsessed with zombies! From TV shows to board games, you can find them everywhere. Prepare for a zombie epidemic by learning essential skills like tracking and camouflage, bushcraft, self-defense and packing a bug-out bag. (Skills that will help you survive any kind of disaster, not just the Zompocalypse!)

Zombie Apocalypse majors will…

  • learn traditional survival techniques
  • perfect the art of zombieflage (impersonate a zombie to avoid detection)
  • learn “hand-to-rotting-hand combat” (self-defense techniques only) from a qualified instructor
  • put their skills to the test in a simulated “outbreak”

That’s just the tip o’ the iceberg! Read about the rest of our majors here.

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