Santa’s Workshop: Gallery of Past Projects

Have you been to the North Pole?

It’s kind of hard to understand the awesomeness of Santa’s Workshop until you’ve been there.

There’s something so magical that happens when you watch a child get excited about a gift they’ve made for a loved one. It’s not just about the joy of giving – although that’s definitely a part of it. It’s about the confidence and pride they radiate when they are able to give something that they were able to create independently. How often do kids get the chance to give their parents or siblings a REAL surprise? (I don’t know about YOUR house, but in mine we have a hard time keeping secrets!)

It is in the spirit of holding onto the surprise that I can’t tell you what we’ll be making this year, but I CAN give you a few examples of what elves have made for their favourite people in previous years. We always look for projects that allow kiddos to learn a new skill as well as produce a useful product:


Would you like to try a project at home?

I’ve put together an example with instructions for one of our previous projects: How to make a Bami Ballen

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