The campers YOU have helped this summer


At Maple Key we believe strongly in the power of camp and its ability to provide far more than just safe, reliable care. We also recognize that children from families in need are often also the most in need of an enriching summer experience. We are proud to share that we have already provided assistance for over 10 individual campers to attend MKDC this summer.

Because MKDC is independently owned and operated, we do not receive any subsidies or other outside financial support. When we provide assistance for these campers, it is taken directly from our own budget. That means that when you send your child to camp, you aren’t just providing them with a quality camp experience – you are also helping a child in need to share that experience as well.

This summer alone, we have provided:

  • Partial “camperships” to a number of families in financial need who would not be able to afford the full cost of camp
  • A free week of camp to staff-sponsored campers (children in staff-members’ extended personal networks who would benefit from camp but would not be able to afford to attend)
  • A free camp experience to Syrian refugees

On behalf of these campers… thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ve seen first hand the difference it can make. <3

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