A Better Advent Calendar

As soon as Halloween is over, the stores are swarmed with advent calendars. Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Ninja Turtles, you name it… all with those awful tasteless chocolates in them.

I’ve always loved advent calendars – even as a kid it was never really about the chocolate as much as the counting down to Christmas (ok…. maybe it was a little bit about the chocolate). But the store-bought ones are cheap quality, cheap tasting, and certainly don’t look very cute sitting out on the mantle. So I did a little browsing, and here are some goodies I found. Try making one of these with your family this year!

This advent calendar replaces the candy with holiday activities to do as a family.

This one is similar to the last, but a lot simpler to put together and you probably already have all the supplies in your house. A list of activities for this one too!

This advent calendar idea is so multipurpose – you can hang it as a garland, put them on the tree or scatter them all over the house. PLUS you can put just about anything in it (even books!) and it’s very reusable year after year.

If you are like me and are super crafty and actually have Mod Podge in your house, you might consider making this one (it DOES have printables!)

And because I’m all about doing more with less… an advent calendar made entirely from the recycle bin. Awesome!

And while you’re counting down to Christmas – don’t forget that Santa’s Workshop kicks off the countdown on December 1st.

What will you use as your advent calendar this year?


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