Santa’s Workshop: A Play-By-Play

So, you’re interested in sending your kids to Santa’s Workshop, but you’d like a better idea of what it’s all about? Here’s a little play-by-play, courtesy of photos from our previous events.

Note: This play-by-play describes the FULL DAY version of our program. The half day version includes gift-making stations and ornaments as time allows, but will not include lunch or extra games/activities.

We start with a few get-to-know-you activities, also known as ice-breakers: it wouldn’t be MKDC without a little “Evolution of Dance”!
Once everyone’s feeling comfortable, it’s time to start our gift-making rotations! We set up stations with a bunch of different projects and a helpful staff member at each one. Our elves are free to create at their own speed, moving from station to station to create their special gifts.
The exact projects change from year to year, but they are always great! We pride ourselves on the quality of the gifts, and the new skills our elves are learning!
After a pizza lunch, it’s time to get moving and play a game. This time, it was a tree-decorating relay.
All those presents need to get wrapped! Our little elves love to get creative with their gift bags.
Then it’s time to break for a holiday snack. We can’t promise they’re healthy (come on… it’s Christmastime!) but they sure are fun to make AND eat!
Wait! There’s more! Before we send our little elves back to the North Pole, we still have time to make an ornament or two for the tree.

So… there you have it! A day in the life of an MKDC elf!