We Make Campers & Parents More Comfortable

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking for kids to come to camp on the first day. A new place, new faces, and fear of the unknown can make first-time campers (and parents!) feel nervous and unsure. It’s natural!

For summer 2010, we are introducing two new camp features that we hope will help to make the camp transition easier for everyone.

First, all registered camp families will receive a phone call from their child’s senior counselor in the weeks leading up to the start of camp. This phone call will provide an opportunity to ask any questions that may come up, as well as provide you with additional information, such as the first names of your child’s counselors.

Secondly, MKDC will be hosting an open house during pre-camp (the week before the camp season begins). Families who attend the open house can tour the facilities, meet their child’s counselors, and take a look at their group schedule.

By creating more opportunities for communication between camp and our camper families, we hope to decrease anxiety and help our campers to feel excited, not nervous, about camp!

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