48 Days 'Til Camp: What Is Colour War?

A Colour War Dress-Up Challenge

Colour War is a special event that occurs at many summer day and residential camps. The entire camp is sorted into teams, each assigned to a colour, and the teams compete in various challenges to earn points. Exactly how, when, and under what conditions colour war happens varies greatly from camp to camp.

At MKDC, our colour war dates are preset on our calendar, but the themes are kept top-secret. On the Thursday prior to each colour war, the staff surprise our campers with a skit that reveals the next day’s theme. Campers are then assigned to their colour for the following day. Part of the fun is that the campers can dress in their team colour, or dress up according to the theme and try to win Best Dressed and earn extra points for their team.

Teams earn points in a variety of team and individual events, all based around the theme. Teams also earn points by creating a team logo/flag and cheer. We keep the emphasis on team building and fun by awarding additional points for good sportsmanship and spirit.

Colour War days are not only an exciting way to end the week, they are also an excellent opportunity for campers of different ages to play together, and for older campers to gain leadership experience.

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