Sunscreen: Safety @ MKDC

sunscreenPop Quiz Time!


How many times has a camper gotten a sunburn at Maple Key Day Camp?

Yup, that’s right. Not one single time. In five summers of operation, we have never had a sunburn. This is no accident! We joke all the time that MKDC should really own stock in a sunblock company, because we use so much of it – after all, we reapply three times a day! And if you ask a staff member what the most memorable camp smell is… I can guarantee that “the smell of sunscreen” will be repeated many times.

Since we are such pros at the sunscreen thing, here are some tips about sunblock from your friendly MKDC staff…

  1. Never let a Sprout camper put their own sunscreen on their face. (They will miss spots. AND get it in their eye. AND cry… These are things we avoid.)
  2. The spray can sunscreen (aerosol or otherwise) is actually more difficult to apply. We have to spray it on our hands before we can put it on campers’ little faces, and some of it can get on the floor. Then the floor gets slippery, so we have to wash the floor.
  3. Not all sunscreen is equal! Look for one that offers both UVA & UVB protection.
  4. Please send an extra bottle of sunscreen so we can put your child’s name on it and keep it at camp. We trust your judgement about what sunscreen you would like your child to wear… but if they don’t have any, we will put some of our spare stuff on them before we let them go out unprotected.
  5. Be a good role model for sun safety! Our staff “walk the talk” and put sunscreen on alongside the campers.


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