MKDC Staff Secret Friend Program

 2013-07-04 15 45 11

In 2012 we started a new tradition for our staff… the Camp Secret Friend program. During staff training all of our staff are assigned a secret friend anonymously (I get my wonderful hubby to set it up for us so even I don’t know who has who!). Over the course of the summer the staff make sure that their secret friend receives little treats and pick-me-ups every so often in their mailbox (it also helps to make sure that staff check their messages!) It can be anything from a funny note or a baggie of gummies, to a scavenger hunt to the freezer to find a little tub of Ben & Jerry’s, but it’s amazing how those treats can give you new energy on a hard day.

The real fun comes at the end of the summer, though. At our special staff banquet, the secret friends are revealed with a special homemade gift. Many of our staff work on their gifts for weeks beforehand, and it’s always exciting and emotional to see those final products (many of which become lasting momentos) and finally know who’s been your little guardian angel over the course of the summer. CSF is just one of those little things we do to make things special for the staff. We’re here for the campers… but it’s our camp too!

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