New Majors: Frequently Asked Questions

We are super excited about the new major selections we have added to our Heartwood program for Summer 2014. We are also very encouraged by the positive feedback we have received, but also understand that sometimes changes can be hard to wrap our heads around! Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about the changes we’ve made to our Heartwood program this year.

Q: What happened to the old “Sports” and “Arts” model?

A: Our campers, staff, and experienced parents know that while the sports and arts distinctions may have been the same for the whole summer, our actual programming from week to week was NOT. We had lots of different things going on each session – however, this may not have been obvious to others who are new to MKDC.

We wanted to make sure that it was clear to prospective campers and parents that they could sign up for the whole summer and be confident in knowing that there would be something new for them to experience each week.

We also wanted to offer more variety in our programming for older campers (not everyone fits into the “sports” or “arts” groupings) so now there’s something available for those kids who are really interested in technology and culinary arts, as well as the “traditional” options.

Q: If my son/daughter wants to participate in sports (or arts), can he/she still do that?

If you take a look at our Majors list you will see that many of our majors are still very much sports or arts based, it’s just that they are now put in a more specific format. If you are looking for recommendations about which week(s) might be the best for your son/daughter to attend based on their interests, please email or call us and we’ll be happy to help.

Q: Can we enroll in a major only in the weeks it is listed?

A: Yes. We are only offering two different majors per week so that our staff and resources can be used most effectively to keep the quality of our programming at its highest. We have done our very best to make sure that the two options available each week will appeal to a range of interests.

Q: How will this effect camper groupings?

It is extremely important to us that our campers feel both comfortable with their peer group, but also free to pursue their own interests. Under our “old” system, we sometimes worried that campers were choosing their major based on their peer group rather than their favorite activities. With our new format for majors, Heartwood campers will be grouped with their peers during all standard camp activities, and split according to their majors ONLY for that portion of the schedule.

Q: Can we register for the same major in more than one week, if it is offered in multiple weeks?

A: YES! A major that occurs more than once will have different programming, so you can do the same major multiple times and still experience something new.

Did I miss your question? E-mail us or comment below!

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