10 Application Tips For Camp Staff

As the summer approaches, there are few things more exciting for me than going through the many applications we receive from talented, interesting people who are vying for the chance to work with us at camp.

I love reading cover letters and resumes, and imagining what each persons talents and experience would contribute to the enjoyment of our campers. But we also receive a few applications that unfortunately leave me wondering… “What were they thinking?”

Many of our applicants are highschool students who may not have much experience in responding to job listings. So please, future applicants, read this carefully. Your application is the first thing I see, and is what helps me decide who will be chosen for an interview.

  1. Please follow the instructions on our application page and on the application carefully. This is the first test to see if you are Maple Key material. All of our staff must be thorough and able to follow directions.
  2. We require certain qualifications in order for you to work at camp, which are listed on our hiring portal. Make sure that you have highlighted these qualifications on your resume. If it looks like you don’t have these required skills, we won’t call you.
  3. Be detailed. Your application package needs to help us form a picture of who you are. I can’t tell you how many resumés I have looked at that list the place of employment and name of position, with either just a few bullet points underneath or no explanation at all. I don’t just want to know that you’ve had jobs before this one,  I want to know what skills you have developed at those jobs. List the dates of employment, explain what your responsibilities were, and what you learned. The same applies to volunteer positions and co-op placements. If you are new to writing a resume, (or even if you aren’t!) Job Explorer is a valuable resource.
  4. Babysitting IS work experience! Don’t leave it off your resume. What shows more about your character than someone trusting you with their children? Especially when you are applying to work with children?
  5. If you send your application via e-mail, please use the same care you would use if you were sending via snail mail. That means using proper address and signing your name. We expect our counselors to communicate in a professional way. (And by the way, consider what message an e-mail address like hottie2432@whatever.com is sending to us!)
  6. We need to know that you are grown-up and mature enough to handle being a role model for children. Please handle all aspects of the application process yourself. That means NOT getting your parents to call or email on your behalf. We are hiring you, not your parents!
  7. Use proper formatting, and attach your resume in doc or pdf form. Resumes that have been pasted directly into the e-mail are difficult to read or print.
  8. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through in your cover letter. We need camp staff who are outgoing, interesting, and confident in who they are.
  9. There really is no excuse for typos, spelling or grammar errors on your resume, application form or cover letter. Take the time to proofread, use the spell check… get a buddy to read it over for you. Show you care enough to get it right.
  10. If you are unsure about something, please just ask. We are happy to answer your questions, especially if the result will be a better application.
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