Core Value: Accept Challenges

It is important to me that everyone at Maple Key has a positive attitude towards new challenges. Without trying new things, it is impossible to move forward! For us as a staff, we know that pushing ourselves is how we will improve the quality of camp for our campers. We also know what an important life skill this is for our campers, and we do our best to create a supportive environment. At camp, accepting challenges looks like:

  • Younger staff try leading activities for the first time;
  • Older staff take on bigger challenges, like leading a training session or planning a colour war theme;
  • Campers try new activities without fear;
  • Both staff & campers experience speaking or performing in front of a group;
  • No one says “I can’t.”

Another great staff quote:

“I was really proud with how I was able to help along quite a few campers in their social development. I was amazing to watch them grow socially day after day. Even the most nervous and shy camper was fully participating by the end of the week!! Its amazing what a caring, comforting and safe atmosphere will help to unravel!!!”

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