Core Value #1: Take Care of One Another

Take Care of Each Other

Taking care of each other is what camp is (and should) be really about. Camp needs to be a place where everyone feels safe and valued. MKDC’s staff take that responsibility very seriously, but at the same time it is something that we do very naturally.

I take huge pride in the way that our staff works together as a team, even as some individual team members change from year to year. As one of our staff said in their post-camp reflection:

“I was most proud of the staff on the days when one of us was obviously having an off day, and the way we could read each other without saying a word. We knew what had to get done, and did it without a second thought! (and then gave the other person a big hug)”

I believe that when our counselors feel well taken care of, then they are better prepared to take care of their campers. We have safety guidelines in place, of course, but the way we care for our campers goes far beyond rules and regulations.

  • We get to know each of our campers personally, and keep track of their talents, interests, & favorite activities.
  • We make sure that campers treat each other with empathy & compassion.
  • We learn to recognize the subtle signs that someone is upset, angry, or not feeling well.
  • No one gets left out, put down, or laughed at, at camp!
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