6 Reasons To Work At Camp

I worked at a few different camps before I started Maple Key. I’ve also had many other types of summer jobs, including working in a greenhouse, serving dinner at weddings, and managing a computer database. While I gained valuable experience from all of these jobs, the camp positions I held (as both a counselor and activity specialist) were by far the most challenging, but also the most memorable. Camp provides an environment unlike any other, with so many opportunities to develop new skills. You could use your summer vacation simply as an opportunity to make money, or you can make the choice to do something more. If you’ve never worked at camp, here are some reasons you should consider working with us:

  1. Working at camp will help you to develop experience working with children. I’m probably starting with the obvious, but there is more to this than you think. Yes, gaining camp experience is very useful for students who are interested in a career in education, but also child care, child psychology, social work, athletics, recreation, tourism, or health care. Most importantly though, camp experience is excellent training for anyone who will eventually become a parent!
  2. Working at camp builds teamwork skills. Yes, you have to work as a team as part of most jobs, but camp takes the challenge to the next level. Camp requires you to problem solve as a group on a regular basis, and provides many opportunities to learn to both follow and lead.
  3. Camp is a healthy, active environment. It is well documented that staying active will improve your health, reduce stress, and increase your productivity in all areas of your life. Will you get that opportunity working in an office or fast food joint?
  4. Camp counselors learn to specialize in “soft skills” – those qualities that allow you to work effectively with others. Soft skills are essential to becoming a valuable employee, regardless of what field you hope to enter.
  5. The work you do at camp will have a lasting effect on the lives of your campers.  Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you have helped a child to make a friend, or to develop a new skill.
  6. You will build new friendships and memories. One of the most frequent comments I hear from staff after camp is that the summer was successful because of the bonds that form between staff. Our counselors are carefully chosen with the team as a whole in mind. When you have a happy, energetic group of people all working towards a common goal – this is where the magic happens.

True Story: It really says something about the working environment a camp offers, when a counselor says, upon receiving her paycheck, “I forgot we got paid for this!”

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