We’re Taking Our Sun Safety Policies To The Next Level

sunscreenSun Safety Is A Summer Priority

Anyone who knows us here at MKDC knows that we are extremely proud of our track record on sun safety. In our 7 summers of operation, we have never – I repeat, NEVER – allowed a sunburn to occur. Not once. Our staff have often joked that we should really get a sunscreen company to sponsor us, since we go through so much of the stuff during our standard “sunscreen parties” that are specified on our daily schedule.

I’m excited to announce that we’re not stopping there! In our continuing mission to keep camp as safe as possible, we have recently enrolled as a participant of The SUN AWARE Camp Program sponsored by the Melanoma Network of Canada.

As a participant in this program, we are required to complete an initial assessment to review our current sun safety practices and identify areas of improvement. Based on the guidelines and policies provided by the MNC,  we will then create a plan to implement during the 2016 summer season. If the results of our sun safety practices meet the requirements of the MNC, we will then be awarded SUN AWARE certification.

Some of the highlights of this program:

  • improving leadership regarding sun safety
  • tracking the amount of access to shade during the hottest part of the day
  • communicating sun safety policies with parents

Just another way we’re always upgrading the quality of camp for our campers!

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