Our Christmas Elf, Part 2

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One thing I was very sure about right from the start was that I didn’t want a “regular” Elf on the Shelf. I wanted an elf that was uniquely ours… and he HAD to have the name Edwick.

So we started doing a little shopping around. Since we do the craft fair circut for Ron’s business Wood & Ashes, we were hoping we would find Edwick at a show – but nothing was quite right. Eventually we found an artist online who creates handmade elf dolls – and her style was PERFECT. Then it was just a matter of choosing the little guy with the right face… and when I saw him I knew right away.


One of the things I really love about him is that he is fully posable – right down to the hands. (Plus his little pencil behind the ear reminded me of Ron!) I also love that he isn’t overtly Christmassy – he just looks like a regular elf, but we can easily give him some extra Christmas-y accessories when we want to.

Our elf is one of a kind, so our “rules” for his visits are unique to our family too. I encourage everyone to make your Elf fit your family and your values – there are no “Elf” police! Doing it your own way will help you avoid feeling like a slave to the elf. (Because if it becomes a chore… then it’s not magical and no fun.)

Our Elf Rules

  1. Like his namesake, Edwick likes to bring the family special things to do. He might bring a new Christmas book to read, a craft activity, or tickets to the Magic of Lights.
  2. There’s no book or DVD. Our elf is unique to our family.
  3. Sometimes Edwick is lazy and doesn’t move (or just happens to go back to the same spot). That’s ok.
  4. Edwick does not do ‘naughty’ things, because he models positive behaviour. But sometimes he is silly, or hides, or writes us a note.
  5. Edwick is not a snitch reporting back to Santa – he’s with us to encourage Christmas spirit and family time. But sometimes we brag to him about something awesome somebody did. (“Hey Edwick, did you see G clear his dishes after lunch without being reminded?”)
  6. Edwick also likes to remind us to be kind and generous, so he reminds us to look for toys and other things we don’t play with or use anymore to give to other little boys and girls.
  7. Edwick doesn’t like to be touched, so we try to respect that. (And he stays up high where the grabby 2 year old can’t reach.)

What is unique about your family’s elf?

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