Our Camp Necklace Tradition


Every year, we find new ways of adding to our mission of being the “village” that helps raise our campers. Our most exciting addition of 2013 was the creation of our camp necklaces.


The idea behind our necklaces is simple – every staff member and camper receives their own handmade necklace their first week of camp. At the end of each camp session (week) each counselor team awards beads to each camper. The colours and shapes of the beads vary based on their meaning. Every camper receives a bead for each week they attend as well as each camper group they belong to, but there are also rarer beads that may sometimes be awarded, such as beads for exhibiting our core values. Over the course of a camper’s time at camp they can get quite a collection! These beads are an excellent reminder of the memories that a camper creates while at camp, and also recognize the character traits and behaviors that we value most highly.

necklace4Beads are awarded during a special “campfire” ceremony that also includes singing and the opportunity to say goodbye to campers who are finishing their session. This ceremony adds closure to a child’s camp experience and is another way that we create a feeling of community at MKDC. It is our hope that campers and staff will return to camp each year with their necklaces, creating a treasured keepsake of their summers with us.

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