MKDC Cookout & Overnight

Maple Key overnights give all campers the opportunity to experience an evening at camp, and campers ages 7 & up the opportunity to experience a true campout experience.

All campers will have extended activities and take part in an old-fashioned cookout dinner, followed by an evening program and special campfire. We will also provide a healthy breakfast the next morning. Sprouts campers (ages 4-6) will stay for dinner and a short evening program, but will be picked up in the early evening to go home to sleep.


Q: Who can attend the overnight?
A: Any camper who is registered for the week(s) of the overnight may attend. We prefer that overnight campers are registered for an additional week in advance of the overnight week. This suggestion is made to help ensure that campers are feeling comfortable with the staff and each other before staying overnight..

Q: Where will the campers & staff sleep?
A: We will be enlisting some help from our families to bring tents for campers to use, and we will contact those registered for more information about this. Campers will be grouped by us into appropriate same-gender tents. Staff will stay in separate tents, but right near their campers in case they are needed in the night.

Q: What if my camper is too afraid to sleep over?
A: All Sprouts campers (ages 4-6) will go home to sleep. Campers aged 7+ have the option of being picked up at the same time, at the end of evening program.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast, but unless there is severe rain or thunder/lightening we intend to carry on as planned. We have use of the workshop for shelter if necessary. If we have to make a change, our first call will be to parents!