New Camp Office – Phase One

The Project

It all started because we needed a proper camp office – for two reasons. Last year we held our pre-camp meetings in the Perth Library, and were continually “shushed” (despite the fact that we were *ahem* often the only ones there). So first of all, we needed a proper place to make noise and create without fear of shushing.

Secondly, the paperwork and supplies for camp are quickly overrunning my house. There are no rooms left in our home (except maybe the bathroom) that are safe from the papers, and camp-related magazines, and art supplies, and promotional material, and… I think you get the picture.

The Space

Attached to my grandfather’s old barn is what was once a workshop. In the years before I inherited the place it became somewhat of a dumping ground for the various things that various tenants hadn’t bothered to get rid of. And so we come to the before picture:

Before Phase 1

The really sad part about this picture is that we had actually taken quite a few things out before I realized that a before picture should be taken for posterity. So it was actually much worse than this.

Phase One

Phase One was to clear out all the junk. This took most of Sunday afternoon. It was not my favorite job. The dust was incredible and my sinuses were very displeased. However, we managed through and the junk is now temporarily in a pile on the lawn under a tarp until we can make a dump run. Here’s what the space looks like at the end of Phase One:

After Phase One

After Phase One

Now we can see the floor! It’s amazing. Stay tuned for Phase Two, in which we will be covering the floor in fabulous grey indoor/outdoor carpeting from Home Depot (at a discount because we were quoted the wrong price!)

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