MKDC Staff Team Building Day (20 Days ‘Til Camp!)

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on before the campers arrive?

One of our favorite training exercises is our “Team Building Day”. It’s the day when our staff get to be the campers and work their way through a series of interesting challenges. We NEVER tell the staff anything about what they’ll be doing, and coming up with new surprises for the staff each year is one of my favorite things about training.

This year, our staff were pretty confused when we pulled up in the Value Village parking lot. But things got pretty hilarious pretty quick when they realized they were going to need to channel their inner Macklemore in a thrift shop challenge. With a long list of items to find, limited time, and a requirement of photos for proof, they were off…

We had a crash course in accepting challenges when the power went out and the staff told all the customers we’d have to leave. It only took a few minutes for us to create a new plan of attack. A short drive later we were back on track at the nearest Salvation Army. And then part two… Use a small amount of $$ and limited time to create your own costume & character

After a fabulous lunch (thanks Burger Builder!) we were off to the grand finale… a chance to break free from Escape Manor! (Neither team quite made it, but we came pretty darn close. Sorry no pictures allowed in there!)

We’ll be posting some “get to know you” bios of our amazing staff in the days ahead! I say it every year but it’s true… our campers are a lucky bunch to get to spend the summer with these amazing role models!

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