FIREFLY at MKDC – A Leadership Program for Ages 13 – 14

FIREFLY @ MKDC – Perth’s Original Camp Leadership Program

Maple Key’s FIREFLY leadership program is like a gifted program for teens with leadership potential.

MKDC’s Firefly program helps mature young teens develop into responsible, caring young adults, while providing the campers with positive role models to assist them in their personal growth at camp.

Too old to be a camper… too young to be on staff… but just right to be a Firefly

Many “leadership” programs are little more than a way to get volunteer hours for school.

At MKDC, our Fireflies can earn volunteer hours, but we also offer a lot more. Fireflies receive daily training sessions and regular formal feedback, so that they learn essential job skills that will help prepare them for any type of employment.

This is not cheap childcare for your older child – it is a progressive, exclusive program that requires a serious commitment – but the rewards are unmeasurable.


Leaders of

The Role Of A FIREFLY Is to:

  • take part in daily hands-on training in a variety of leadership skills, including public speaking, conflict management, communication skills, and team building
  • learn skills specifically related to working with children, including behavior management, age group characteristics, and activity planning
  • “shadow” camp staff and begin to experience leadership firsthand
  • work as part of a team to make camp a happy & safe place for kids

MKDC’s Firefly program is the only leadership program in the area that actually provides formal, weekly instruction in leadership skills as well as written feedback and hands-on experience.

Benefits of Being A FIREFLY:

  • have fun and learn important life skills in an exciting camp atmosphere
  • enjoy all of MKDC’s awesome camp activities
  • 4 hours per week (for a total of 32 hours) of formal instruction in job related skills
  • experience in a job-like environment
  • a “foot in the door” to possibly becoming a future staff member at Maple Key
  • learn valuable skills that are applicable to home, school, and future employment
  • gain work experience for your first resume
  • receive a detailed final evaluation that can also be used as a letter of reference

Due to the progressive nature of the program, Leaders In Training must commit to attending a minimum of 4 weeks. (No one becomes a leader in just a week!) Successful FIREFLYs will receive an invitation to return for the following summer. A limited number of FIREFLY positions are accepted each summer and applications must be approved by the camp director.

Preference will be given to applications from those who…

  • Have attended Maple Key consistently as campers
  • Are able to commit for most or all of the full summer season
  • Took advantage of leadership opportunities at camp during their final camper year
  • Have demonstrated leadership in other areas of their life (school, church, extracurricular, etc)

Please note: FIREFLYs are still considered campers in every way, other than in the nature of their programming. They do not perform the duties of staff, but will assist staff during their “shadowing” time.

FIREFLYs are our future leaders and serve as role models to our younger campers, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Appropriate behaviour is extremely important at all times. Any FIREFLY who, in the opinion of camp staff, does not behave in a manner that becomes a future staff member, will be asked not to continue in the program.

Download the Firefly Application Form