Kids Have Opportunities for Arts Training @ Maple Key Day Camp

PERTH & SMITHS FALLS, ONTARIO (June 18, 2013) – The summer break is a wonderful opportunity to foster a child’s skills and interests that may not be fully addressed by the school system – particularly in the arts. If your child has a love of the arts, whether visual or performance related, Maple Key Day Camp is offering a program for them.

One of the pillars of Maple Key Day Camp’s success is the opportunity for older children (those 9 years of age and up) to choose a “major” for their time at camp, allowing them to concentrate on an area of interest for a large portion of the day. While the sports major is a popular option, the Fine Arts program at MKDC has experienced a strong increase in enrollment in recent years.

“The Fine Arts program is a wonderful introduction to a wide variety of art forms,” says Kristen Widenmaier, owner & director of Maple Key Day Camp. “We’ve covered everything from scrapbooking to clay sculpture to film making. Every week we take on a new medium.”

As a result of the success of the Fine Arts major, MKDC has added an additional ‘Performing Arts’ major for two weeks in August. Coming at the end of the summer camp season, the campers majoring in Performing Arts will study a variety of skills including improvisation, puppetry, voice, and dance, culminating in a presentation during MKDC’s talent show on the second last day of camp.

“We do our best to keep topics broad within the ‘performing arts’ and ‘visual arts’ genres,” explains Widenmaier. “It’s important that kids are able to explore their interests without having to hyper-focus on one specific element at such a young age. Rather than study JUST painting or JUST dance or JUST vocal, our campers have the opportunity to expand their range of experiences and skills.”

Maple Key Day Camp, established in 2009, is the only privately owned and operated day camp in Lanark County. Their goal is to contribute to the future of our community by providing high quality care and programming specifically designed for the needs and interests of school-aged children. For locations in both Perth & Smiths Falls, the summer session runs July 2nd through August 16th and spaces are still available in most age groups and sessions. For more on their programs, or to register, visit or call (613) 464-2468.

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