How To Make A Reindeer Food Buffet

A Reindeer Food Buffet is a great way to make a custom mix that you can leave out for Santa’s crew! It’s a fun activity to do in the lead-up to Christmas and adds some extra magic to your Christmas Eve traditions. Here’s now MKDC does it:

Step 1: Assemble your ingredients
Magic Reindeer are pretty adventurous eaters, so you can use your imagination. (But don’t forget the flying powder!)

*Note: Always make sure that all of your ingredients are edible (especially things like glitter). You don’t want any birds or other animals choking on the leftovers.

Step 2: Get some nice clear gift bags ready.
You can get them at the dollar store. Make sure you get some twist ties too!

Step 3: Let each kiddo make their own custom mix!
When you’re done, make sure you tie the bag closed tight so it doesn’t spill!

Step 4: Follow the directions on the tag!

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