How Being A Camp Director Helped Me Plan My Wedding

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a PLANNER. I love calendars and checklists and label makers. This love of organizing and colour coding has served me well as a camp director – making schedules and managing all those little details is something that comes very easily. So naturally, the idea of planning a wedding was never that scary to me. In fact it’s exciting! It’s an excuse to pull out all my binder dividers and coloured pens. It’s an excuse to spend $50 on totally necessary office supplies at Staples.

What I didn’t expect was just how much the NON-organizational aspects of camp would also help me plan the biggest party of my life.

The Theme

Apparently, according to Martha Stewart and the internet, your wedding should have a theme. Ok… so my wedding is like a Colour War. And during Colour War, everything is based on the theme: decor, costumes, food, and activities so everything works together. Well hey, no problem! We do this every day during the summer. (But don’t worry… we’re not having a pirate or Harry Potter wedding.)

The Guest Experience

When we plan programs and events for camp we always try to look at things from the camper’s perspective. What will they see? hear? feel? Taking the time to think about the wedding from our guests’ perspective helps to iron out the little details that will make a difference in their comfort level. And I’ve thought a little about behaviour management too. Ever seen what happens when you leave empty blocks of time in a schedule? (Answer: The momentum is gone. Plus, if you don’t give them something to do, they’ll find something. And it probably won’t be the thing you want them to do.) So at our wedding, there will be no leaving our guests to twiddle their thumbs!


Weddings can be ridiculously expensive. Just ask my bank account. Luckily I have useful camp skills that are easily transferable (and free!), like photo editing (save the dates), cutting & pasting (invitations), making playlists (no DJ needed), and random craftiness (you’ll have to wait and see!).


One of the wonderful things about camp is how you have an opportunity to put your own personal stamp on everything you do. You can be silly & weird and it’s ok. That’s something that I really want for our special day – I want our personalities to shine through. One thing I can promise – this will not be a “cookie cutter” wedding!


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