Dear Santa… I’m not a greedypants

I Want, I Need, I’ll Wear, I’ll Read

Found this on Pinterest the other day and I love it! It’s so easy, especially when you have littles, to end up going a bit nuts at Christmas. Without a clear plan, you can end up with way too much before you know it. Our two little guys are only just starting to make their own lists, but it’s still a great benchmark for us as parents to keep things in check. (Besides, they have grandparents on both sides who are going to spoil them up to their ears and I’d prefer to have a little space left in my house!)

For older kids that do make their own lists, having a guideline like this helps pare down the gimmies and force them to think about something other than just what the latest commercial convinced them they have to have. I especially like the idea of including reading material in the gift giving traditions – probably the teacher part of me, but it’s sooo important for reading to be viewed as enjoyable and not as a chore.

Actually, I think this is a good way for anyone to make their list. As adults, I think a lot of us have the opposite problem – we end up just asking for necessities and feel silly asking for something that is purely a want, or for setting aside time to read purely for pleasure. So, what is YOUR want, need, wear, and read?

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