Core Value #5: Be Silly, & A Little Weird

Honorary PrincessesLIT Liam & LIT Rory – Honorary Princesses

Being silly and weird isn’t just the campy thing to do. It isn’t just about having fun. It’s also about feeling comfortable with who you are, and sharing that feeling with the people around you.

When I hire new staff, part of the interview process is finding examples of how the candidate has created elements of fun in their everyday lives. How are they spreading happiness and laughter? It’s all about attitude. If you are too shy or embarrassed to let your silliness out, you miss out on a lot of fun.

These two LITs in the photo above are a great example. LITs work with a different group each week, and these two boys happened to be working with groups of girls when their counselors planned a princess party. A lot of 13-14 year old boys would have asked to join a different group for the day… not these guys! They made crowns and dressed up so that they could be princesses too, and enjoy the party alongside the campers. They had a great time – and the little girls loved it!

By having the confidence and positive outlook to say “yes” to silly situations, we generate our own fun. This is something I hope our campers will learn to do too.

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