Campfire Chef

Learn To Cook @ MKDC

Our cooking majors are always a huge hit. Heartwood campers love learning to be more self-sufficient and confident in the kitchen – and their parents love that they are more willing to help out at home! Recipes change from year to year, but we always keep the focus on healthy ingredients, safe kitchen practices, and working in a variety of cooking environments, including microwave only, conventional stove/oven, BBQ, and open flame. In order to fully embrace our nature-based location, we also place increased emphasis on planning, preparing and packing ingredients for outdoor cooking, and preparing a meal “in the wild”.

Camp Chef – “Garden-To-Table” Edition: In the garden-to-table variation of this popular program, we focus not only on cooking skills but also on gathering and using farm-fresh ingredients.

Camp Chef – “Nailed It” Edition: In this variation, campers will focus on presentation and decoration by learning to use materials such as fondant and icing, and by using a variety of basic culinary skills to re-create an edible masterpiece.

That’s just the tip o’ the iceberg! Read about the rest of our majors here.

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