Birthday Party Planning

“This is a wonderful idea. The girls had a blast with the crafts, the red carpet walk, and the photo shoot and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Easiest party I’ve ever hosted!” – Becky K. (9-year-old girl’s Hollywood/Red Carpet Party)

Carnival Party - Cupcakes & Loot Bags

Carnival Party – Cupcakes & Loot Bags

Birthday parties are awesome! You get to eat cake and be the centre of attention. You also have to find something for all those kids to DO. A well-organized party is a happy party!

MKDC can design an exciting, personalized birthday party for your child. Our ‘Colour War’ days are some of the most exciting days of the whole summer, and we will use the same theme building technique to create an original birthday experience. We will come to your home (or host at the camp facility during our open season), set up, run all activities, and clean up afterwards. We don’t just plan it, we execute it too – leaving you free to take photos, chat with other parents, or just enjoy yourself. We’ll even do the lootbags and arrange the cake, if you like. It’s the easiest party you’ll ever host!

“The party was a hit!  Cupcakes were exceptional and the loot bags rocked. The girls were fantastic and kept the boys wrangled.  I really enjoyed having them here so when the parents dropped off their kids and lingered (because we all know each other well) I was able to chat with them and not worry that the kids were going off the rails for that first half hour or so.” – Jill W.

Theme List

Here are just a few examples of the themes we can do. To find out what your theme idea might look like, e-mail us for a proposal.

  • Carnival
  • Pirates
  • Princesses (in general, or pick your favourite!)
  • Survivor (requires outside space)
  • Superheroes
  • Hollywood / Red Carpet
  • Wild West
  • Medieval Times
  • Minute To Win It
  • Fear Factor
  • Your Suggestion! (If you can dream it up – we can make it a reality!)