Ways To Make New Campers Feel Comfortable

How Do You Grow A Happy Camper?

For many of our campers, Maple Key is their first summer camp experience. It is very important to us that the young boys and girls who come to us for the first time are made to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

Here are some of the ways that we help our campers to adjust to the camp setting:

  • We offer a camp open house prior to the first week of camp so that parents and campers can come and meet the counselors and try out some of our activities
  • We build get-to-know-you time into the schedule on the first day of each session
  • We use the information you provide to prepare counselors for each camper’s unique needs
  • We use cooperative games to help facilitate new friendships in the group
  • We follow a very detailed schedule that quickly establishes familiar routines

Here are some suggestions for ways that parents can help prepare their kids for camp:

  • Let your camper know ahead of time that you will not be staying at camp after drop off (we have found that campers take longer to adjust if parents “stay to watch”) Don’t worry – we will always call if there is a problem!
  • Read through the information in your camper’s package together
  • Call us if you have questions about the program
  • Post the calendar on your fridge, and point out some of the activities to look forward to
  • Get your camper to help pack their bag for their first day
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