5 Reasons NOT To Send Your Child To Maple Key

We love what we do and feel that we have a lot to offer the future leaders of Lanark County. But just like any program we have certain values, and in order for you and your child to get the most out of the experience, these values should correspond with yours. Here are a few reasons that Maple Key might NOT be the best fit for you.

  1. Your child is bothered by dirt, bugs, and general messyness
    We are a summer camp in the most classic sense. We are outdoors all day. We take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. Sometimes there are bugs. We don’t let bugs or dirt get in the way of having a good time… but one thing we NEVER do is get sunburns.
  2. You just want day care for your kids while you are at work, and you don’t want to send them everyday.
    We’re not a day care… we’re a summer camp, and we’re building a community. We want your child to feel connected and like they belong, but that’s hard to do if they’re not here. We hope you’ll see the value in camp for it’s own sake, so if you’re looking for a la carte babysitting… we suggest using a babysitter.
  3. You’re ok with them sitting in front of a TV or social media all day.
    Since we specialize in children’s programming, we spend a fair bit of time keeping abreast of the current issues affecting children and pre-teens. As technology becomes more and more ingrained into our and our children’s lives, we think it’s really important to foster an environment where face-to-face connection is the focus. So your kid won’t be able to bring their phone or iPad to camp – and we think that’s a good thing.
  4. Your child expects to do only what they want to do, when they want to do it.
    Our program provides more choice than any other camp we know of in Lanark County. We strongly believe in giving kids as much autonomy as possible, as this helps develop their confidence as well as allow them to build skills in areas of interest. But we also have a carefully designed schedule to follow and staff members who have spent a significant amount of time planning a variety of activities and special events. Just as important as giving kids autonomy is teaching them that sometimes not everything will be their first choice, but it might be someone elses.
  5. Your child isn’t interested in making new friends.
    It’s perfectly understandable that some of our campers register for specific weeks of camp because they have a friend who will also be attending on those dates. But if they are expecting to spend every moment of camp only in the company of each other, they will likely be disappointed. We pride ourselves on building a strong community – and that means that we include everyone, mix up the partners and teams, and get to know new people.

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