What kind of camp are you looking for?

“Camp” means different things to different people. Some people think “camp” means anything that occurs for kids during the summer time.

We’re a little more picky.

We believe camp has something offer your child far beyond just basic care. Something that you can’t easily find anywhere else. We believe you should get a real return on your investment when you send your kid to camp, not just a “safe, fun time”.

Your kid will actually grow more confident during their time at Maple Key.

How? When your child comes to MKDC, they get to choose some of their own activities (and make more choices as they get older). MKDC campers build new friendships. MKDC campers build skills and find things they are proud of.

And that’s the coolest part – the more time they spend here, the bigger a difference it makes.

That’s why parents send their kids back, year after year.

“There seems to be something for everyone. My 2 boys have very different interests and are in the same age group this year so I was a bit worried. They’re loving it, especially the CYOA options. Also, the personal connections. This is their 3rd year but have only gone for 1 week each summer. We showed up on the first day and the check in staff recognized them, commented on how tall they’d gotten, and had heir names checked off before I could even tell them.”– 2016-2019 Parent

“I heard so many good things about Maple Key from other families. After a bad experience at another camp, I was amazed at how well this camp was run. My daughters are more sure of themselves, and you make me feel that they are in a safe environment where they are encouraged be themselves.

I will absolutely send them back to MKDC. My kids will be back next year because they loved it and I had total piece of mind about my kids being there. As everyone knows I am very protective of my girls and I loved their camp experience.”– 2017-2019 Parent

We would love to speak with you about how Maple Key could make a difference in your child’s life.

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