What’s New for Summer 2019

Curious about what’s coming up for Summer 2019? Besides our programming calendar (which is of course different every year!) here’s a few other things we’re working on:


If you’re registered for Summer 2019, then you’ve already seen our new registration system! The CampInTouch system makes parents’ lives (and ours!) much easier by saving all your family information securely in one place:

  • Complete all necessary forms
  • Check our private “news” bulletins for camp families only
  • Order clothing labels
  • Check your remaining balance & make payments
  • Put $ in your child’s camp store account
  • View photos of YOUR child
  • and more!

Environmental Responsibility

We’re making some logistical changes to minimize our impact on the environment and teach our campers environmental responsibility:

  • Minimizing lunch waste & improving routines for composting (please note that we will be strongly discouraging the use of single-use plastic water bottles, so please make sure you pack a reusable one.)
  • We’re also expanding our gardening & nature program by building a greenhouse! This will give our campers (especially our camp chef majors) more hands-on opportunities to develop their green thumb.

Loose Parts Play Area

We’re in the process of deciding on the perfect spot to put a “loose parts pit”. The concept of playing with “loose parts” was first conceived by Simon
Nichlson, who believed that the ability to create, discover, and imagine are enhanced when multiple kinds of loose parts are available for children to use (1971). A loose parts playground provides children with the opportunity to experiment and use their creativity to invent their own activities. This will be an amazing camper-directed play area for our Sprouts in particular!

New-and-improved Camp Store & Accounts

  • Last year we were so excited to install our gatehouse/camp store near our pickup area. This summer, we’ll be making more use of it by opening the store to allow camper visits (if they choose) during select open periods. Thanks to our new CampInTouch registration system, we are able to offer this as a completely cashless system for campers – just load whatever amount you choose to their account, and they’ll be able to purchase a small treat or camp souvenir.

More updates for 2019 coming soon!

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