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motionmailapp.comWhy Should You Choose Maple Key over other summer camps?

MKDC campers experience FUN, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

MKDC campers BUILD CONFIDENCE while LEARNING SKILLS they aren’t getting from school, such as cooking, fine arts, woodworking & wilderness survival.

MKDC campers FIND ROLE MODELS in adults who have dedicated their lives to working with children, such as teachers, child & youth workers, and ECE candidates. (We’re professionals… no kids watching kids here!)

MKDC campers BUILD NEW RELATIONSHIPS easily, because they are grouped with age-appropriate peers and are supported by an atmosphere that is completely focused on the value of community.

MKDC campers REKINDLE THEIR IMAGINATIONS through innovative, immersive, and original programming.

At Maple Key, providing the highest quality summer camp experience for your child is our ONLY business. We are the kid experts.

Step One

Complete our Request Form and tell us a little bit about your family.

Step Two

We’ll send you back an package via email or snail mail with information tailored to your needs.

Step Three

You can register by mailing back the registration form, or completing the short registration process online. We have lots of flexible payment options.