What is Maple Key Day Camp?

Maple Key is a summer day camp for ages 4 – 12 and beyond, centrally located between Perth and Smiths Falls, ON.

Our mission is to build your child’s confidence by providing programming that is challenging, meaningful, and seriously imaginative.

Camp will change the world

Camp means family! Kristen, Ron & their two boys Gaelan & Doyle. Learn more about our head staff.

At Maple Key, we think our kids deserve more than just an adequately supervised time filler. We believe camp is a chance to create the ideal world we want our children to live in. A world where everyone is comfortable in their own skin, and feels confident in sharing their feelings, ideas, and interests with others. A world where everyone feels that they belong.

What is Campmosphere?

Campmosphere is our word for the special, intangible feeling that an authentic camp experience provides.

It’s the sense of “coming home” that a returning camper feels when they arrive back at camp, and it’s the reason we’ve had many campers return for 5, 6, or even 7 years.

It’s in the incredible bond that the staff have by sharing a common mission to change the world. It’s the reason that campers who are 8 or 9 years old are already dreaming of one day becoming part of that staff.

It’s the way that usually self conscious pre-teens are eager to put themselves front-and-center during colour war.

It’s in the tears that a camper sheds when they say goodbye to their favourite cabin leader on the last day.

We’re in it for more than just fun

When new camp families find out that I am a teacher during the school year, I often get asked why the heck I spend my summers running camp instead of taking a holiday.

The answer is simple: While I love my teaching job, camp allows me the freedom to reach children and families in a way that can never be achieved in a conventional school setting.

When you take the “system” out of the equation, you can create a program that is truly focused on developing the whole child. At camp, we are able to give nature, art, physical activity, and social competency the attention they deserve. We are able to focus on improving the way we listen and treat each other.

Building an amazing campmosphere means tradition, and that’s what we have worked hard to build since we opened in 2009. Our own kids are growing up in this fantastic place, and we’d love to have your kids be part of it to. Check out our summer camp program options or give me a call at (613) 900-7374.

Kristen Widenmaier
MKDC Owner/Director

P.S. Did you know that we actually stand behind our program with a money-back guarantee? We’re the only camp in Lanark County to offer the Happy Camper Clause.

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