Camp can build connection – even from home

Does it feel like your house is shrinking? Your kids are home all day (and demanding your attention). You’re responsible for their education, but you’re also trying get your own work done. Suddenly it feels like everyone is living on top of each other.

For most kids (especially for those without siblings), this time is a very lonely experience. They’re missing their friends from school. They’re missing their friends from camp. They miss their normal routine. In addition to worrying about maintaining everyone’s health, now you’re also worrying about maintaining everyone’s sanity.

A parent’s job is never easy – but right now it may even feel a bit impossible.

Your kids need social timeYou need a breakIt’s hard to keep a schedule
Social skills are an important part of your child’s development, but how do you do that in isolation?You’ve suddenly become everything: parent, teacher, activity coordinator…There’s nothing special on the calendar, and days start to blend into one another.

We know that nothing can replace kids actually BEING at camp (and out of the house)

But in the meantime, we’ve come up with a plan to give your kids a social life again, while also giving you a little room to breathe.

Welcome to the virtual version of MKDC

CommunityProgrammingEasy to Use
This is not another “sit-and-watch” program. Your child will have face-to-face interactions with familiar staff and fellow campers during virtual cabin meetings & activities.MKDC-worthy programs – but remote! A unique combination of live, pre-recorded, and printables. Your camper will make the most of their screen time, and have things they can do on their own.Print out the weekly reference sheet, install zoom, bookmark the main page and let your camper do the rest! We’ve maximized interaction for campers, but minimized the work for parents.

Ready to learn more?

Aren’t there a lot of free resources out there already?

Yes, there are…. so many in fact that it’s become a bit overwhelming – like trying to drink from a firehouse. Trying to find the right activities for your chid, figuring out what materials you need, and getting it all organized while trying to keep some sort of predictable schedule (while still trying to find time to work from home!) is really just creating another job for you to do.

That’s why we’ve designed MKDC’s virtual program to be as little work for parents as possible. You’ll get familiar with a couple of tools we’re using, get the kids set up, bookmark the main page, and then let your kiddo do the rest.

Isn’t this just adding more screen time to my child’s day?

Well… not necessarily. If your goal is for your child to have NO screen time then this probably isn’t for you. However, we’re willing to bet that most kids are getting SOME screen time already. If they’re already spending time with a screen, wouldn’t it be great if they were socializing and building new skills at the same time?

These are not just sit-and-watch programs.

We’re providing campers with an opportunity to do what they’ve been missing – interaction with friends and adults they admire – in a completely safe, moderated environment.

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