Funding Sources

At MKDC, our main goal is to bring the magic of camp to as many children as possible, and we would hate to see anyone choose a lower-quality program for their child simply due to cost. We recognize that for some families, the costs may be prohibitive. Here are some links and suggestions for alternate sources of funding.

Your Child’s School
Schools often have connections to a variety of funding sources – for example, the UCDSB has it’s own foundation called Champions for Kids which supports children’s activities outside of school hours. Ask your principal for details.

Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart
Jumpstart isn’t just for sports teams. Maple Key’s program is approved as an active program and several MKDC families receive support from Jumpstart.

Community Clubs
Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kwanis Club, Kinsman Canada, Knights of Columbus
These community organizations are usually keen to help out families who are in need. Chapters vary in the services they provide, but many have initiatives to improve quality of life for children. You do not need to be a member to seek support. A reference from someone who can speak to the needs of the child (doctor, teacher, etc) may be helpful.

Community Churches
Many churches have bursaries available for children in their parish. Ask your church leaders if they sponsor bursaries.

MKDC Campership Fund
We feel very strongly about getting kids in camp, and so we accept applications for deserving kids to attend camp at a reduced rate. Please note that we offer this assistance out of our own small business budget, so attempts to secure alternate funding first is appreciated.

The following links may also be helpful depending on your family’s specific situation:

Lanark Community Programs

Autism Ontario
Children’s Aid Society
Federal fitness and arts tax credits
Ministry of Children and Youth Services
President’s Choice Children’s Charity
Special Services At Home Program