Press Release: MKDC Campership Program

Summer Camp Subsidies Still Available For Deserving Kids

PERTH (June 12, 2015) – The list of benefits a child receives from attending a high quality summer camp program is lengthy. In addition to avoiding summer learning loss, campers also develop skills that may not be as much of a focus during the school year, such as creativity. A camp’s unique small-group format within a larger community also fosters leadership, independence, friendship skills, and self-esteem.

Kristen Widenmaier, the owner/director of Maple Key Day Camp, feels so strongly about the positive impact that summer camp can have on a child’s life that a portion of her camp’s budget is specifically ear-marked for providing reduced-rate tuition to families in need.

“Camp is not about providing day care in the summer while parents are at work,” says Widenmaier. “Camp is about creating a magical community that is designed specifically for school-age children. The opportunity for a child to build their confidence within the safety of a small-group, family-style unit can be life-changing, especially for children who may not experience a lot of success academically or socially when at school.”

Maple Key Day Camp’s “campership” program was created to help ensure that financial constraints do not prevent children in the community from benefitting from this experience. As Widenmaier points out: “Not all families in need qualify for funding through outside agencies. We’ve set up our own small fund that will provide up to 50% of a child’s camp tuition.”

In order to receive a subsidy, families need to complete an application form to prove their financial need, and submit at least one letter of recommendation. While the process is not overly difficult or time consuming, Widenmaier says they often have a few spaces left over. “Some families may not be aware that this assistance is available. Given the choice, we would much rather see these spaces used at a reduced rate than having them sit empty when there are children out there we could reach.”

Maple Key Day Camp, established in 2009, is the only privately owned and operated day camp in Lanark County. Their goal is to contribute to the future of our community by providing high quality role models and programming specifically designed for the needs and interests of children aged 4-12. The 2015 summer session runs June 29th through August 21st and spaces are still available in most age groups and sessions. For more on their programs, or to register, visit or call (613) 464-2468.

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