New Resolutions For Camp

I am so very proud of all that MKDC has accomplished in the last four years. It’s so fulfilling to see the changes in our campers as they mature from year to year, watching former campers’ confidence grow in the LIT program, and forming new friendships each year during staff training. But as great as it is to look back on all we’ve done, it’s also important to keep looking forward too: we’re just getting started! Here are just a few of the goals I have for 2013, to make our 5th Anniversary summer the best it can be.

For Campers

MKDC’s goal for our campers this year is to continue to improve our programming options. I’m looking at making some small changes to our daily schedule that will leave room for a special “Choose Your Own Adventure” program. Also, starting in summer 2013 we will be bringing in a nature specialist twice a week to help our campers become more responsible global citizens – more on both of these projects soon!

For LITs

Our Leaders in Training program is a “fast track” for former campers who hope to become counselors, but it’s also meant to help prepare them for the “real world” work force. We’ll be adding a job skills component to our LIT training this year that will help them learn to put together a resume, and how to present themselves as professionals when interacting with staff, parents, and other adults.

For Parents

Our 2012 parent surveys told us that parents would like more communication, so we’re going to do just that. We’ll be creating weekly newsletters throughout the summer, as well as a new system for tracking camper progress.

For Staff

I can’t understate the value that our staff bring to camp! Time and time again the most common answer to the question “What’s the best part of MKDC?” is “The staff!” With these superheroes as our most important asset, I need to make sure they have everything they need to do the best job they can. This year I’ll develop a better system for saving and retrieving programming ideas, and ways to pass on best practices from one summer staff to the next.

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