Sprouts & Shoots: Ages 4 – 6 (Kindergarten Age)

Designed for our youngest campers with shorter attention spans, the Sprouts & Shoots programs are a way to make new friends, build confidence, and sample lots of different activities.

The Sprouts/Shoots schedule has shorter activity periods and more frequent breaks than our older campers. They also have two “siesta” periods built into their schedule, when low-impact activities are planned (story time, lego, etc) to give our littlest campers time to rest and regroup. Your young camper will participate in a wide range of activities to spark interest and imagination while developing strong bonds with his/her counsellors and fellow campers. Our Dreamworld timeblock was created so that staff can create programming tailored specifically to their campers’ interests.

Many of our four year old Sprouts campers come to camp as a “warm-up” before starting school, because of our structured schedule and positive group atmosphere.

Our low camper to staff ratio means that campers receive lots of individual attention, making our Sprouts & Shoots program the perfect place to experience camp for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions from Sprout Parents

Q: Is this program accommodating for children who are shy/nervous?

A: Yes! This is definitely a great program to help socialize a shy child, especially before they start kindergarten. Many of our 4 year old campers come to us before they start school to help get them used to a group atmosphere, especially since our group size max is 12 campers – much smaller than what you will find in a typical kinder classroom. Our Sprouts cabin is only for ages 4-6 so they won’t be intimidated by older kids, and our staff to camper ratio caps out at 1:6, so they get lots of individual attention. (This ratio does not even include our Leaders-In-Training and Co-Op students, who also help out in the cabins, so the actual ratio is more like 1:4)

Q: Can my child get reminders to go to the bathroom? I’m worried he/she will forget or be too shy to ask to go.

A: Don’t worry! We’ve done this before. 🙂 In the Sprouts cabin, we know that camp can be a really exciting place and no one wants to miss out on the fun. That’s why we take the WHOLE cabin on a washroom break before lunch and both snack times, ensuring that campers have many reminders to visit the facilities.