MKDC Camper Code of Conduct

At Maple Key we offer a very high quality program that relies on our creative, energetic staff. Disruptive, disrespectful, or unsafe behavior pulls staff away from their regular duties, causes distress for other campers, and erodes program quality.

Rules for Camper Behaviour

Campers will:

  1. Stay with their cabin group throughout the camp day and must ask permission before leaving the group.
  2. Respect camp staff and follow instructions without arguing or refusing.
  3. Use polite language. Foul or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  4. Show appropriate respect for the facility, equipment, other campers and their belongings at all times.
  5. Allow other campers to enjoy their time at camp. Physical or verbal aggression of any kind have no place in our program.
  6. Be fully toilet trained and comfortable using a portapotty.

Note: All campers, including those with special needs, are expected to follow these guidelines without one on one assistance.

Dismissal From Camp

We believe strongly in the power of camp to help children grow and develop. But in order to accomplish this goal, we must always maintain a safe environment for our campers and staff. For that reason, the following behaviors may result in immediate dismissal from camp:

  • Running away / leaving (or attempting to leave) camp property without permission;
  • Self-harm or physical aggression of any kind towards fellow campers or staff, including threats;
  • Repeated verbal aggression towards campers or staff;
  • Willful destruction of property;
  • Foul/aggressive language that does not respond to intervention;
  • Racist, sexist or other disrespectful comments targeting a specific camper or group of campers;
  • Refusal to follow health and safety procedures;
  • Any behaviour that intentionally or repeatedly interferes with other campers’ enjoyment of camp.

In the event that a camper must be dismissed from camp due to their behaviour, no refunds will be issued.